Velvet curtains

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Do you need blue velvet curtains?

Velvet is a noble material with a heavy fall. King, navy or cyan, they frame your windows in majesty and protect you from prying eyes. They are an elegant and warm complement to any living room or bedroom.

Attached to the feel of your curtain, a velvet curtain will fulfill your expectations. In the curtain category, we've collected 198 customer reviews for an overall rating of 4.16/5. For example, for our star product "velvet curtain with velvet eyelets", "Floupi92" tells us: "These curtains are exactly as I imagined them: the blue-violet is superb and the velvet has the best effect. what's more, they don't really let any light through. I'm crossing my fingers that they don't fade in the sun..." and gives it a rating of 5/5. Is your credo to choose the best models for your decor? Our specialists are proud to introduce you to specialist retailers such as Cyrillus, Absolument Maison and La Redoute Intérieurs.
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