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The door curtain, a stylish and discreet insulating accessory

The door curtain is a decorative accessory that, above all, has a technical function. By insulating your interior from draughts, it becomes your ally on cold winter evenings. Its effectiveness has never wavered, and today many entrance doors have adopted it. Quick and easy to install, with a rod attached directly to the door, for example, it can be made in a wide range of materials to suit your interior. Bamboo curtains, fabric curtains, polyester thread curtains, wood bead curtains or, more surprisingly, authentic corn curtains - they come in countless versions. La Redoute has selected a range of models for you, so all you have to do is make your choice according to your needs.The term door curtain covers very different products. While its original role was to provide insulation, over time it has evolved into other styles and functions. Depending on whether it's attached to the door itself or to a rod hanging from the doorframe, its use is very different. Attached to the door, the curtain can have an insulating or simply decorative function. For example, a viscose door curtain with a patterned design. On a glass door, a blackout door curtain will ensure the privacy of your interior. Attached to the doorframe, the curtain can act as a mosquito screen, preventing any flying intruders from entering your home when the door is open. Wooden beaded door curtains can also replace a door. Highly decorative, they elegantly separate spaces without partitioning them. Colors and prints will brighten up your interior with shimmering hues, while more classic versions will embellish it soberly.
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