Black dungarees

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The model you're looking for happens to be a pair of black overalls?

This classic can be worn by children, women and men alike. Available in black as ski pants, or in denim for everyday wear over a tee-shirt or sweater, in long or short versions, black is sure to catch your eye! On this page, you'll find a collection based on your favorite color, to suit your style. After all, color has a specific effectiveness when it comes to harmonious dressing. We're convinced that the black dungarees collection pleases our users. For example, "Lasouris333" bought the reference "Salopette slim 10-16 ans" and commented: "I really liked this gift, as I bought it in size 14 for a petite but tall 12-year-old". Because your budget will have an impact on your purchase, our catalog sells a wide range of finishes (cotton, denim or polyester) to match your finances.
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