Adidas gazelle

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The chic comfort of the adidas gazelle sneaker

Over the decades, the brand with the three stripes has created sneaker models that never go out of fashion. The adidas gazelle is a perfect example of an adidas sneaker that has never lost its elegance and charm over the years. With its sober, uncluttered lines, the adidas gazelle og, which stands for Originals, is both masculine and feminine, and suits all styles, from casual to urban. Adidas has created a comfortable city sneaker that can be worn with all everyday outfits. Women can wear the adidas gazelle with skinny jeans, sportswear pants, skirts or dresses - the possibilities are endless! Gentlemen, adidas gazelles go just as well with jogging pants as they do with jeans or clip-on pants - it's up to you to wear them with whatever you like! So that you can find the pair of adidas sneakers that's right for you, at La Redoute we've got you covered! There are plenty of adidas gazelle sneakers in sober colors, from white and beige to black and gray. Colorful adidas gazelles are also very popular, as they liven up sober or too-dark outfits. Particularly trendy, printed adidas gazelles add a touch of whimsy to the classic model, so you can play with fashion and, who knows, see them as gazelle collectors! We've thought of all the generations who wear adidas gazelle og. While lace-up adidas gazelle models are perfect for adults and teenagers, scratch adidas gazelle models are perfect for children, who can wear them to school.
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