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Winter layering with @teeclutter

Hi! My names Thaarani or Tee for short and I run a blog called @teeclutter. It’s very much a grid of my everyday outfits that mostly consists of casual wear. I don't think my style has changed too much since having kids but comfort has always been key for me, however, at the same time I do like to look put together. I love restyling my clothes and showing you other ways to wear them.
This year a lot of us have adapted to more comfortable clothes with most of us WFH and only going out for daily walks. So with not much socialising going on this year, the great outdoors has never been a better place to spend some family time for us. The kids enjoy nature walks and it's kept them more active and adventurous. 
Now we loom into colder months I find warmer coats for the kids are essential. The eldest son is similar to me and gets pretty hot quick so layers for both of us are important, only because it's easier to take off if needed but we’re still kept warm. I find my eldest takes his coat off a lot so wearing his favourite item at the moment, a hoodie, still keeps him warm and cosy. 

boys tee clutter.jpg

boy tee clutter.jpg

For me I prefer to layer more so I don't have to wear a huge coat all the time. The shacket is the perfect little item to have this season where you can wear it over thick jumpers to simple t-shirts. I also love a beanie during A/W as it adds something extra to an outfit, it can also make an outfit look more put together, elevating a casual outfit just like jewellery. A pop of colour always works for me.