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What should I wear in summer to feel confident?

It’s one of the questions our stylists are asked most frequently, and the truth is, there are so many different ways to feel body confident. Practising body positivity when the temperature rises can feel like a daunting task when you don’t have secret shaping tights or flattering knit jumpers as a shield.

But there’s no reason you can’t look and feel fabulous in the warmer weather. At the end of the day, one of the biggest hurdles to feeling body confident is finding outfits that are comfortable in the heat, as well as chic, stylish and flattering.

Every body is a summer body, so get out there and explore your favourite fashions.

We’ve gathered together our 9 top tips for feeling cool and confident in the sun this summer - whether you’re braving a holiday abroad or staycationing in the UK.

1. Underwear is Key


You might not begin planning your summer outfit with the underwear, but we guarantee that if you choose the wrong style, fit or fabric, you’ll feel hot and uncomfortable all day long. Taking a new item of underwear on its first outing on a hot summer’s day is a recipe for disaster. Tried-and-tested, comfortable favourites are always the best option when the weather is warm.

Choose lightweight styles like thin bralettes rather than push up padded bras; cotton knickers instead of spanx, and always go for natural materials wherever possible (your nether regions will thank you, trust us).

If you suffer from chafing between your thighs when you’re wearing a dress or skirt - don’t ditch your favourite floaty friend, invest in a pair of cotton cycling shorts to help you feel comfortable and secure all day long.

Remember - this summer irritation often has little to do with your ‘size’ and everything to do with your shape; women everywhere, from petite types to curvy girls struggle with the ‘rub’. If you’re happy and comfortable, you’ll automatically feel more confident.

2.   Go au Naturel


The last thing you want in hot weather is to be wearing a slinky, man-made fabric which is going to cling to your skin the second you start perspiring. Natural materials such as cotton and linen might feel slightly thicker to the touch, but their composition means that they wick sweat away from your body, keeping you cooler and more comfortable.


Stylistically, as these fabrics are more structured, they also keep to their own shape better, meaning they won’t mould to the shape of your body so easily. This makes them an excellent choice for those who perhaps aren’t as confident as the style of your garment can flatter and distract without clinging to your curves.


3.   Stay Loose


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: when the sun is high, skin-tight, clingy styles can just leave you hot and bothered. If you’re someone who flushes or perspires easily in hot weather, choosing a loose,
flowing style skirt will help you feel more cool and confident, even when temperatures rise.

Knowing what to wear in summer is as much about finding the right style for the weather as it is the right style for your body - the perfect outfit will give you the confidence to strut your stuff in the sunshine.

4.   Rock an ‘Up Do’


If you have long, flowing locks, keeping them loose during hot weather can feel like you’ve added a warm scarf to your summer ensemble! Ditch that ‘stuck-to-your-neck-sweat’ feeling by pulling your hair into a chic ‘up do’.

Ponytails and topknots are simple and easy styles which can be glamourised with summery styled scarfs, scrunchies and headbands. If your fingers are feeling nimble, a set of braids can add a cute Boho touch to any outfit, especially when embellished with an intricately-designed hair clip.

Why not weave a coloured ribbon through your tresses for a touch of festival glam?

There’s plenty of inspiration and tutorials on TikTok and YouTube if you’re new to the braiding game.

 5. Accessorise


Maybe you only feel truly confident with your hair down, but it’s too hot in the summer? Or perhaps you want to keep the sun off your face but still look stylish? In summer, it’s all about accessorising.

Keep your jewellery simple and chic (heavier pieces just weigh you down when the weather is warm) but add glamour to your outfit with a Provencal straw hat, giving a nod to the French themselves. The sun making an appearance doesn’t mean you have to reach for a baseball cap; there are plenty of ways to keep the sun off your face and look stylish while doing it.

Straw hats come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, with designs to flatter all face shapes. If you have a smaller face, you may want to frame it with an oversized floppy hat that will also keep you well shaded too.

6. Keep it Light


We’ve talked about finding the right fabric and the right shape - but did you know that choosing the right colour can make a huge difference not only to your confidence, but also your comfort?

Typically, in the summer months, light colours help to keep you cooler by reflecting the sunlight away from you, rather than absorbing it. This helps you to stay chilled even on the hottest days. But, everyone has different colours which make them feel confident, so if you prefer to wear darker hues, make sure the materials are loose-weave and lightweight.

For more colour inspiration, check out our blog on Dopamine Dressing.

7. Watch the Length


It might tempting to go for shorts when you don’t know what to wear in summer weather. Most thinking to shorten your hemlines to catch the most of the cool breeze, but in actual fact, shorter, tighter clothes can end up making you feel hotter. A restrictive pair of hot pants can actually increase your body temperature.

You don’t have to go short to stay cool; longer shapes in light, floaty materials are proven to help reduce your sun exposure and therefore help to reduce the risk of overheating. The longer lines in mid and beautifully patterned midaxi dresses are often also more flattering - proof that you don’t need to master the miniskirt to feel fabulous this summer.

Plus, you don’t need to worry as much about sunburn. You’re welcome.

8. Choose the Right Shoes

Image 9 (1).jpeg

There are all kinds of different reasons to choose a particular summer shoe. You wouldn’t wear stilettos to the beach! But there are a few tried-and-tested styles that work for all occasions and can make you feel amazing at the same time.

A cute lightweight white trainer or pump is a flexible style that will go with almost everything. Perfect for taking you from day-trip to night out, these comfortable flats will have your feet thanking you at the end of a long day’s sightseeing - plus they look great on everybody. You literally can’t go wrong.

Or, if you prefer a little glam with your summer lewk, opt for a wedge sandal. These flattering, feminine styles are the perfect accompaniment to a summer dress or even for getting that leg-lengthening illusion in a swimsuit or bikini.

Bonus? They’re much easier to walk in than traditional court or stiletto heels.

9. Get a Sunkissed Glow

Image 10 (1).jpeg

Whether you’re a sunworshipper or someone who prefers to stay out of the heat, having a little summer glow to your skin is the ultimate confidence boost. But this doesn’t mean you need to slap on the sunscreen and head immediately for the park or tanning salon; nor do you need ‘lines’ or a deep colour to make the most of the flattering effect.

Modern fake tan lotions and bronzers offer an excellent alternative to sweating it out on the sunbeds; plus you have much more control over the finished effect. If you don’t want to alter your skin tone but just enjoy a subtle bronze glow, choose a powder or cream with a lightweight sheen to just add a dewy touch to your skin.

If you love the feeling of a holiday tan without the potential sun damage, then adapting your skin care routine can help boost your summer glow and body positivity levels with it. Use gentle facial scrubs, exfoliators and cleansing applicators to remove dirt and dead skin and your skin will soak up the sun-rays.

Just remember to make sure you do a test patch in an unobtrusive spot to see if you’re happy with the end result before you apply it all over!


So now you know how to feel body confident in the summer season, just remember to practice body positivity all year round and whatever you choose to wear that day will look amazing. Perhaps even a pair of groovy Crocs: the shoe of the summer.

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