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Summer Work Wardrobe

This summer we’ve seen heatwaves, flash floods, cycling shorts as the new sundress and Crocs making a major comeback. With the changeable weather and office-inappropriate trends, lots of us are left asking – what on earth do we wear to work this season?! 

Dressing for work when temperatures are higher has always been a bit of a minefield, but now we have a whole new workplace culture to consider, too – if you’re switching between working from home and working in the office, it’s all too easy to think you can rock up to your desk wearing pyjama bottoms and a vest top any day of the week. Turns out, that’s not the case… 

Although many workplaces are much more relaxed on the dress code these days, there are still some dos and don’ts when it comes to what to wear to the office in summer. So here are our top tips for dressing smart and staying cool.

The love of layering

If we’ve learnt anything about the Great British weather, it’s that it can change in an instant. Not only that but you might also have to contend with the office aircon, which can make your environment decidedly chilly, even if it’s scorching outside!

The answer here is layering – adding light layers that are easy to remove will make your summer work wardrobe practical and stylish.

This sleeveless linen dress is great for keeping cool and looking professional at work. If it’s a bit breezy on your commute, add this on-trend gingham linen blazer over the top for a light layer that you can remove when the day warms up. 


Brighten up your wardrobe with colour

Summer is the time you can really experiment with colour. Although you might still want to stick to the basics in terms of style and fit, you can step it up in a bright pop of colour. This simple linen dress is perfect for keeping you cool on hot days in the office. The eye-catching pink version is something a little different.  

If dresses aren’t your thing maybe you could try these bright red cropped leg trousers - these are linen so you’ll still be cool despite your legs being covered up. We think they’d look great with a simple white shirt tucked in and a pair of flat brown sandals.


For more information, take a look at our blog post on how colour can change your mood. 

What shoes to wear to work in summer

Office footwear can be a dilemma on hot days – you want practical shoes that don’t rub your feet (goodbye, flip flops), but you also want to give your feet some breathing room.

An espadrille is the perfect summer shoe for the office – not too high, has ankle support and still allows your feet to get some air. We love these classic navy blue espadrilles for a touch of sophistication. 

Flat sandals are another great choice for your summer office footwear – look for smarter styles in leather to give that professional air. This black leather pair will go with absolutely everything, while these gladiator sandals are super stylish while also offering a bit of extra coverage. 


One thing you can’t forget when baring your feet this summer – foot care! Look after your feet with an at-home pedicure, trimming your toenails and painting them a bright summer shade. You can also slather your feet in moisturiser and pop on a pair of socks to give them a deep conditioning treatment – great if you’re suffering from hard skin on your heels after wearing sandals. 

Consider your summer accessories 

Summer is the time of year you can have a bit more fun with fashion – when the days start early and the sun is shining, it’s nice to add a playful element to your look. Step up, accessories! 

We love a good summer accessory – from headscarves to handbags, you can hop on a trend easily and inexpensively through a well-placed accessory or three. Particularly if you work in a more formal setting where sundresses and sandals simply won’t fly, accessories are a great way to showcase your personality through your style. 


For us, nothing says summer like warm gold jewellery against sunkissed skin – it’s a hot weather vibe! The rich tones of gold work particularly well when the sun is out, and understated pieces are perfect for work. 


We love this link chain bracelet and gold bubble necklace for adding a touch of bling to your office look. And if it’s colour you’re after, these beautiful blue stone earrings remind us of the seaside!


Is it just us, or is summer the season of the small bag?! We just can’t imagine lugging a great big tote or backpack around when it’s hot outside. 

If you don’t need to take a load of stuff with you to the office, you can get away with a cute crossbody bag – we’re loving this sunshine yellow bag. And this hot pink clutch would go perfectly with the linen dress featured earlier for a tone-on-tone look. 

If you do need to take your laptop/notebook/lunchbox/water bottle with you, shove all that into a canvas tote that you carry for the shortest amount of time possible, and have your essentials in this sweet straw shoulder bag. 


Hair accessories 

Finish off your summer workwear style with a jaunty hair accessory to bring that fun, frivolous feel. Whether you choose a classic hair clip or perhaps even a headband, these are a great way to finish off your outfit.  


If you’re feeling a bit more classic, this chic white broiderie anglaise scrunchie keeps it chic and sleek. 

Now you’ve read our tips on how to dress for the office in summer, here’s to a fabulously stylish working week! For more inspo, check out this blog on the new working wardrobe by fashion journalist Frankie Graddon.
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