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Summer basics for kids and teens

Is that the sun we spy? Could it be… blue skies and temperatures above 10 degrees? Hooray! The summer holidays are on the way and that means plenty of days out in the sunshine (we hope), climbing trees, rolling down hills and generally loving life in the Great Outdoors. Getting out in nature is so important for kids of all ages, especially when so much of their time is spent looking at screens. And after the 18 months we’ve all had, it’s more essential than ever to get those family trips and play dates back on track.

When you finally pull them away from CBeebies, the PS4 or their phone, you’ve gotta go all in on the outdoor play… and that means they need clothes that’ll see them through a summer of sand, grass and probably some mud, too. Don’t worry, though – we’ve got you (and them) covered with a great range of summer wardrobe essentials.

Jersey that’s perfect for play

For long days out and about, thin jersey layers are the key to uninterrupted play. Start with a base layer, like these sleeveless tie-front tees or these printed cotton vests, then add a zip-up hoodie – we love this cool blue version and this classic navy stripe style. The zipped style is super easy for young children to take off, and long sleeves mean these hoodies can be tied around the waist when the day warms up and popped back on if the sun disappears… no need for mum and dad to carry a load of coats!


For teens, retro sportswear is a key trend right now and they’re sure to love our range of classic logo tees – from Adidas brights and cool Nike shades to classic and cropped Levi’s.

Best of the basics

If you’re looking for a whole new wardrobe to take your kids – big or small! – right through to September, you’re in the right place. Stocking up for summer can be an expensive business, but our range of brilliant basics will keep the kids looking fresh without breaking the bank. And they’re hard-wearing, too – great news for those outdoor adventurers!


Start with the simple pieces – these cotton shorts can be mixed and matched with any number of tops and tees, while these cropped cotton leggings come in a couple of cute colours.

These three-pack t-shirts in cool greeny blues or juicy brights are perfect for little ones going to holiday camp this summer – they can wear one and pack the other two in their bags for any messy play outfit changes.


Add a few fancier styles for parties and family gatherings – we love this organic cotton skirt with sweet fruity print, and this organic cotton block colour stripe polo is great with jeans and shorts alike .


Finally, we haven’t forgotten the teeny tiny ones… for babies, these cotton t-shirt and bloomers sets in classic navy or baby pink are super sweet and perfect for keeping little ones cool in the sun. For cooler days, layer these rompers with a long sleeved vest.

Kit out the kids this summer 

Whatever you’re up to this summer – if you’ve managed to book a few days away at the beach, you’re filling your days with stomps round the forest or your kids are off at sports/computer/drama/nature camp a few days a week, with our easy jersey collection
 and not-so-basic essentials will have them kitted out till school starts again.

Find more inspiration with our selection of sustainable kidswear here.

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