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Refreshing your lingerie drawer

Start with the basics

If you’re going all Marie Kondo on your underwear, you have to start with the very basics. Chuck out the old stuff! We’ve all got those holey pants, the bras with underwire poking out and the endless pairs of mismatched socks. Be really brutal and chuck out anything that’s in bad condition/doesn’t fit/is uncomfortable to wear. 
When you’ve done that, you can replace old with new and stock up on some classics. We love these Dim Eco Dim knickers that come in a pack of 5 and this non-wired bra is perfect for everyday wear. 

Add a little lace

Once you’ve got the sensible stuff sorted, you can branch out into fun, frilly pieces. We’re loving this red lace beauty, while these cute knickers are eco-friendly and made with recycled lace.

For nightwear, try this chic black nightie with scalloped lace detail. Just gorgeous!

Need more performance?

If you’re looking for something specialist, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find responsible options everywhere – including nursing bras, minimiser bras and sports bras. Supporting your boobs and the environment – it’s just what we do! 

Finishing touches

Now you’ve got a lovely new lingerie collection, you can’t stuff it all back in the same old drawer. Treat yourself to handy drawer dividers to keep your smalls separate, pretty drawer liners to brighten things up and lavender bags to add a fresh, feminine scent. 

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