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Men's Safari Jackets Trend

One of the many trends this year for men’s fashion is Safari Jackets. 

Before we go ahead and showcase options that La Redoute offer when it comes to this trend, what are Safari Jackets?
Safari Jackets take the practicality of the military style jackets and tailors it for a more general use. You still have four pockets at the chest and hip but the fabric is lighter than the typical military jacket. Safari jacket also now come in a wide variety of colours and other styles.

Below are some of our topic picks for you to choose from: 

Hooded Safari Jacket

One of the first Safari Jackets is this 100% cotton hooded jacket. This Jacket, unlike other Safari jackets, has a hood and comes in a more neutral colour of beige. In addition to this, even though it is nearly summer, the material and the mid length features of this product make it very light to wear. It will also add that extra something to complete any outfits you decide to put together.

hooded safari jacket.jpg

Navy Blue Parka 

If you are looking for something different but still has the key features of a Safari Jacket, we have this navy-blue parka. Like the previous option this Jacket is also High neck and mid length. However, for this Parka there is no hood meaning it is more suited for the summer and all the heat that comes with it. 

navy jacket.jpg

Khaki Utility Jacket 

Another option we have to offer which resembles the traditional colours is this khaki utility jacket. Unlike the others we recommend, this option gives you a more traditional take on this trend. With its Khaki green and classic collar, you can clearly see what originally inspired the safari jacket. However, there are some modern touches to this. With a mid-length touch and 100% cotton this is another jacket perfect for summer. 

khaki casta.jpg

Cotton Utility Safari Jacket 

Another utility jacket however this time with some extra features then the others on this list. One of these features being a shirt collar rather than a high neck like the others in this list do. As well as having a shirt collar this jacket has a more utility feel to it. Mixing not one but two trends together. 

utility  4.jpg

Cotton Khaki Green Jacket 

Finally, we have this cotton khaki green safari jacket. Even though at first glance it may not look that different to others in this list this jacket combines the extra features of the other jackets in this list. For example, it has a shirt collar whilst also being 100% cotton. To add to this this product has a length of 76cm which make its longer than others in this list. This length makes it perfect to finish a smart/casual outfit you may be putting together.

safari 3.jpg
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