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Ideas for lighting up your home

As summer comes to a close and the evenings begin to draw in once again, we’re turning our attention away from outdoor fairy lights and festoon lanterns. 

We’re thinking about soft side lamps, bright bulbs for dim hallways and shades that make a statement. The autumn/winter season is when our lighting choices really come into their own, ensuring those dark nights don’t feel too depressing. 

When it comes to lighting your home stylishly and effectively, there are plenty of ways to do it – but it does take a little planning. And refreshing your lighting with the change of the season is a good idea, because winter light is much different from spring light. 

With a few little tweaks and adjustments, your lamps, shades and bulbs will work for you all year round and make sure your home is always filled with just the right amount of light. Read on for more…

How is light different in winter vs summer?

Light changes from season to season – in summer the sun is high in the sky, beaming down bright rays which can sometimes be hazy. In winter, the light is much lower and softer, almost like it’s filtered. Driving on a clear winter’s day can be tricky because the sun is so low in the sky, it shines straight into your eyes. 

The reason light looks so different is because the angle of the earth is different throughout the year – so in winter, because of the way the earth is tilted, the light from the sun passes through more atmosphere, changing the colour and warmth of the rays. Fascinating!

The way you experience light inside your home is different each season too. When summer’s bright sunshine is streaming through the windows, it’s strong enough to bounce around your home and fill it with natural light. But in winter, when the rays are weaker, you might find you have more dark corners that need a bit of extra help. That’s where cleverly-placed lighting comes in. 

Lighting ideas for your home

When choosing new lighting, it’s a good idea to assess your current set-up and think about the corners that need to be a bit brighter, which tables would benefit from a side lamp and where you could swap out a heavy shade for something that lets more light through.  

The general rule for lighting is to have multiple sources that emit a soft, natural looking light, rather than one main source that’s blasting out a strong, harsh light. Especially during the darker months, lots of lights dotted through your home will distribute more light in a more natural way than just having the ‘big light’ on all day long. Trust us! 

Here are some of our favourite styles from our lighting collection. 


Fabulous floor lamps

Floor lamps are ideal for shining light on dark corners or spotlighting over sofas. 

Perfect for that 60s vintage look with a modern twist, this brass floor lamp is sleek, simple and oh-so stylish. The brass finish works perfectly set against deep shades like navy blue and racing green. 

We also love this metal and hemp style – the industrial vibe is nicely balanced by the natural shade, which will cast a beautiful light across your floor. 

And if you’re going for the boho natural look, this slatted wood floor lamp will bring warmth to any room. We love the wide set legs and grey/brown shade. 


Decadent desk lamps

Now so many of us are working from home at least a couple of days a week, we’re starting to understand just how important a desk lamp really is… especially when it’s 3pm on a November afternoon and we’re struggling to read our screen!

For a colour pop to brighten up your working day, this stoneware lamp base comes in rich teal – a beautiful hue that really pops when clashed with a yellow or orange lamp shade.

For a more understated look that’s no less stylish, this grey and marble combo is an absolute beauty. The calm, restful colours will bring peace and serenity to your work area. 

And if you prefer a sharper style, we’re loving this Anglepoise table lamp with glass shade and sleek finish. 


Perfect pendant lights

When it comes to ceiling lights, there’s no better way to make a statement than with an eye-catching pendant shade. 

This bamboo style will allow light to refract through the spaces in the design, casting a gorgeous pattern of light around the room – these kind of shades are ideal for soft winter light as they break it down and throw it around.

If you want to go bold, this brass cylindric pendant is just the ticket – it’s perfect for drawing the eye to the centre of a room, especially when hung over a dining table. 

Finally, if it’s art deco luxe you’re after, this glass ceiling light ticks all the boxes. Style it up with sumptuous shades of purple, yellow and green in rich velvet to really emphasise that luxurious feel. 


How to light your living room

It’s the room we spend the most time in and the place we’ll all be cuddling up when those dark nights start drawing in – so it makes sense that the living room should be a key focus for your lighting. 

The kind of lighting you need in your living room depends on the size, but it’s also worth considering if the room is north or south facing, what time of day it gets natural light and what kind of lighting will suit your lifestyle. 

For example, if you have a north-facing living room that’s very dark come 3pm but you love to sit on a chair in the corner and read, make sure you’ve got a great floor lamp overhead and a small side lamp for extra brightness. 

nasoa-wood- glass-floor-lamp-living-room.jpg

Small living room lighting ideas 

Small rooms are often the hardest to light – you don’t want to overwhelm a small space with a clutter of lamps, but you also don’t want it to feel dark and dingy. 
Wall lights that sit close to the wall are a great way to add extra lighting without taking up space or dominating a small room – we love this vintage style. 
Team them with a floor lamp that you can tuck behind a chair or table, like this simple style and your small living room will soon feel much brighter. 


Large living room lighting ideas

For bigger spaces, you can play around with your lighting choices and use them to make a bold style statement as well as bringing more light to your room. 
A sculptural ceiling light like this incredible wire design will add instant arty cool to any space – make sure you use a softer bulb with it, as this kind of shade doesn’t refract the light. 
For a more retro vibe, this beautiful raffia petal style has a 60s vibe that would work well over a dining table or kitchen island to gently light the space. We love it. 


When is the best time to add more lighting in?

When it comes to making your new season lighting choices, we recommend waiting until October time when the days are just starting to get shorter. 

You’ll have a better idea of which areas of your home need a bit of extra light. There’s plenty of time to search for the perfect styles before we’re losing light from 2pm!
Take a look at the La Redoute lighting collection for lots of ideas, and read our blog on key lighting trends for more inspiration.
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