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How to set kinder New Years resolutions for 2023

While 2021 taught us to slow down and stay inside, 2022 has been faster-paced with more people returning to the office and making more plans with family and friends.  Although the return to normal life in 2022 has been a relief for many of us, it has been very easy to fall back into old habits of overworking or forgetting to press the pause button. 
In this article, we discuss New Year’s Resolutions that focus on self-care, kindness to one another (as it has been an extremely tough year for many) and generosity. Here are the five resolutions we’ll be sticking to for the coming year, and we invite you to join us, too!
1. Do one kind of thing every month

Doing something kind every month is at the top of our resolutions list for 2023. From sending a card to an old friend or paying it forward to someone who might need help, you can go all out or keep it small.  

2. Explore body positivity

This time of year is particularly hard for anyone who struggles with body image – all the talk of weight loss and self-improvement through diet and exercise can be tough to take in. So make a deal with yourself to push through all that noise and explore ideas around body positivity. Come up with mantras that help you express love for yourself in a way you’re comfortable with and follow influencers like @stephanieyeboah and @calliethorpe. 

3. Discover new culture

Rather than focusing on giving things up and cutting things out, make it your goal to discover newness. Each month, go on a mission to find new artists, movies, fashion, novels, art – whatever! – from a culture different to your own. 

4. Move your body for fun

Let’s face it – not all exercise is enjoyable for everyone.  Going for a run in the pouring rain or sweating it out in a bootcamp class isn’t everyone’s idea of fun.  Getting up and out IS fun, though, and once you find a way of moving about that gives you that happy hormone boost, you’ll find it easier to keep at it for the whole year. 

Find the right activity for you that you enjoy! Grabbing a coffee and taking a walk with a friend, walking the dog, or walking off Sunday lunch - exercise doesn't have to be intense and unenjoyable.  Explore new activities that get your body moving that can be fun.

5. Remember to hit the pause button

When you're feeling stressed or busy, remember to give yourself some much-needed time out.  Whether it's taking a day off work to have no plans, or having a weekend dedicated to no technology or social media and getting out in the fresh air - we encourage hitting the pause button when you need it.

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