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How fashion can help men’s mental health

It’s amazing the difference the right clothes can have on your metal outlook. The perfect pair of jeans or a flattering shirt can take you from zero to hero in no time at all. But it’s surprising how many of us gents don’t consider our clothing to pay a large part in confidence levels. 
This summer, it’s time to change all that.
Its true, knowing how to find your fashion style men, can make a difference on your mental health. It’s not about trying to make your body fit the latest trends but rather look for key pieces in styles that flatter your shape and channel the confidence to wear them.
We’ve pulled out 7 men’s wardrobe essentials from which you can build your own capsule collection that’s perfect for looking and feeling great this summer. 

Doting denim

511 Slim Jeans with white trainers.jpg

Denim is a faithful friend in the fashion world, the go-to that always looks great. It has been a wardrobe staple since the seventies and seems like it will never age. Whether you wear yours in jeans or in a jacket, there are so many ways to style denim to make you feel great.

Slim Jeans 

These slim-fit jeans are made with advanced stretch technology for supreme comfort and are available in a range of different denim hues to suit all tastes. Roll them at the ankle for a cool twist on the standard straight cut.

Skinny Jeans 

Try a leaner shape with these skinny jeans in a cotton/elastane blend. Step away from blue denim and choose grey or black for a different look that can be worn for any occasion. 

Big & Tall Option - Elasticated and Stretchy Jeans

Designed for comfort and style, these jeans have a straight cut with additional width in the thigh area and extra length for taller frames. These carefully-designed jeans will help you feel confident and comfortable at the same time.

Show off in shorts

Faded Cotton Chino Bermuda Shorts.jpg

Short's aren't just for the summer, with a variety of styles and legnths to chose from, our men's shorts can be worn through all the seasons and there's something for everyone! 

Cotton Bermuda

Why not go bold this summer by choosing colourful shorts? Bright hues can instantly put you in the holiday mood as the shade symbolises calm and contentment. Picking mid-sized shorts like the Bermuda style will flatter taller individuals by creating the elusion of shorter legs. 

Prepster Shorts 

Take a little off the hemline with these shorter shorts for a preppy look that works perfectly with trainers, loafers or flip flops and can be styled casually or for smarter occasions. Don’t shy away on showing off the definition of your thighs, flaunt what you’ve got!  

Big & Tall Option - Combat Bermuda Shorts 

Classic Bermuda shorts in a combat style with multiple pockets both bulk out your figure and hold all your essentials when on the move! Available in a range of leg lengths and hem widths so you can find the perfect short length to suit you, the design shows maturity and togetherness

Summery shirts

Slim Fit Shirt with Mandarin Collar.jpg

Shake up your style this summer with a new crisp shirt that will make you feel ready to seize the day! Dressing the part can make a big impact on how you tackle your tasks, whether that be at work or just on a day out. 

Short-Sleeve Shirt

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to stick to light colours - black and navy shirts offer a great contrast with lighter trousers or shorts for a striking look, and offer a slimming silhouette. The minor details are important for the more basic designs. Pinned sleeves create a youthful appearance and are even appropriate in men’s business wardrobe capsules. 

Mandarin Collar 

What’s new in men’s fashion recently? Well, although inspired by 1920’s clothing, the Mandarin collar has made a comeback. A Mandarin collar offers a stylish alternative to a traditional shape, perfect for a more relaxed, casual vibe. The simple design is less fussy around the neck which can offer a more flattering finish. 

Big & Tall Option - Straight Linen Shirt 

A classic white linen shirt can be styled with skinny jeans in several ways and is perfect for warmer summer days as the fabric wicks away moisture. This helps to keep you cool and minimise the appearance of sweat patches leaving you to welcome high self-esteem with open arms.

The go-to tees

Cotton Mix Polo Shirt with Short Sleeves.jpg

The flexibility of a classic t-shirt makes dressing for the day a joyful task. How you choose to style a tee is entirely up to how you feel, or more importantly, how you want to feel. On show beneath an open shirt or jacket, or just on its own, get stocked up on t-shirts and vests and you'll always have the perfect item to wear. 

Round Neck T-Shirt 

It’s not always about what’s new in men’s fashion, some things are best left untouched. T-shirts, no matter what shade, are an essential in our list of men’s must have wardrobe items. Everyone needs a simple white tee in their wardrobe, it literally goes with everything. 

Pique Polo Shirt

Polo’s have shape-shifted their way through what type of people wear them. From preppy to sporty, they have universally been accepted as staple in the man’s wardrobe.
A classic polo shirt is a great investment as they give a more polished finish to a shorts-and-tee combination. A buttoned collar will give you confidence in a casual situation whereas a turned up collar will help you feel less conscious about your neck and jaw area.

Big & Tall Option - Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt

A V-neck shape offers an alternative to the classic round neck and is a great option for those who prefer things a little less fitted around this area.  The colour black alongside a loose fitting gives way for those less confident days. 

Prints & Patterns

Cubano Cotton Hummingbird Shirt with Short Sleeves.jpg

Funky, flamboyant and fabulous for all, using prints and patterns in your style can truly help your personality shine. Picking an eye-catching design is an great tactic when attending events or going out as they can create conversation. Let them do the talking for you and wear something that pushes you out of your comfort zone. 

Striped Shirt

If you’re new to prints and patterns, start off simple with a classic striped pattern. Choose a bold stripe colour for a playful twist. Stripes are a visual merit to all. They make you look taller and the horizontal pattern slims down your frame and always looks great on.    

Printed Swim Shorts

Swimwear is the easiest way to introduce a print or pattern into your wardrobe. Play with floral and geometric designs for a cool, modern look. Sometimes being bold and brave can do wonders for those that consider themselves as shy.
A link has been shown between funky clothing and mental health with research claiming your behaviour can be enhanced if you love the clothing you’re in. 

Big & Tall Option - Cubano Cotton Hummingbird Shirt with Short Sleeves

Everyone can rock a Hawaiian-style shirt. Pick a print and a colour that you love, and wear open over a block-colour tee for a relaxed and flattering summer style. Certain articles of clothing can affect your behaviour, wearing loud clothing does the talking for you and even can create a conversation. 

Suave suit jackets

Houndstooth Check Print Blazer with Single-Breasted Buttons.jpg

Fix up and look sharp with a suit jacket that will bring sophistication to your style. They say, dress for the job you want and by picking a suit jacket to compliment your shape, you will walk into work with your head held high. 

Single-Breasted Buttons 

Embrace the summer season by choosing a simple, slim-fit single-breasted jacket in a bold and bright hue. When it comes to men’s business wardrobe essentials, always search for a slim fitted suit jacket. 
Authoritative, straight-talking and professional, throwing on a suit jacket when you need a leap of courage is a no brainer when it comes to linking fashion and mental health.  

Linen Jackets 

Anxiety, stress and overwhelming nerves can all cause the body to overheat and our muscles to feel sore and heavy, so thinking wisely when thinking about your choice of clothing and mental health state.
A linen or linen blend jacket is a summer essential as the fabric is designed to help keep you comfortable and cool, one less worry to think about when you are heading out to meet friends.

Big & Tall Option - Straight Cut Blazer with Single-Breasted Buttons 

The drama over what outfits we are expected to wear when it comes to formal events can put pressure on a man’s mental health. Knowing how to find your fashion style when it comes to dressing to impress doesn’t come naturally to all of us.  A single-button jacket offers a simple, unfussy and flattering cut which is perfect for being left casually open over a shirt or t-shirt.

Stylish swimwear

men's patterned swim shorts.png

Though many feel their most vulnerable in their bathing suit, knowing how to find your style when it comes to swimwear can change that presumption. If you feel self-concious or anxious when it comes to dressing down for the pool, one way to tackle these thoughts is by dressing how you want to feel. Stylish swimwear that suit your shape can help squash down any insecurities. 

Traveler Recycled Swim Shorts in Mid-Length 

Choose a pair of patterned mid-length trunks for a flexible swimwear option which works on the beach and at the beach club. These traveler style recycled shorts by Ralph Lauren are an iconic piece to be worn with pride. 
The fine detailed pattered represents a hand painted picture which shows you have a keen eye for attention to detail. The shorts are responsibly made, sourced by raw recycled materials and any waste is converted back into new products.
This will make you feel proud of your impact to a greener, healthier world.

Plain Logo Swim Shorts 

Bright, bold and beautiful, these colourful swim trunks will make you feel cool and confident on your summer holidays or even in your back garden. Dress how you want to feel, not how you really feel, and you will be surprised how your mood will suddenly alter.

Big & Tall Option - Swim Shorts 

Feel confident in these colour-block swim trunks with pockets, available in a range of sizes. If you are usually conscious about bathing or using public swimming pools, choosing the colour blue can make you feel safe and secure as you won’t feel like you stand out from the crowd. 

So there you have it - styles to suit all shapes and sizes and clothing to make you feel happier and healthier inside. Connecting fashion and mental health may be the last thing we think of to improve our outlook on things, but once you put your mind to it, you’ll be forever dressing how you want to feel.
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