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Find joy in January

January can be a long, cold, depressing month. Budgets are stretched, everyone’s tired and the weather is rubbish… no wonder the most depressing day of the year (Blue Monday) falls in January. 
But you can make the first month of the year a more positive experience. By celebrating the little things, living in the moment and making plans for the future, you can find joy in January. Here’s how…

Plan your next trip

Whether it’s jetting off somewhere hot or jumping in the car for the UK road trip, planning a getaway is the perfect January activity. Pick a date, choose your location and start looking at flights, routes, hotels and restaurants. Even if you don’t book anything (that January budget might not cover a holiday!), getting your plans sorted will give you something to daydream about when it’s grim outside. 

Celebrate the little things

That ill-advised fringe finally grown out? Snagged that coat you’ve been eyeing for months in the sale? Managed to keep a houseplant alive for a whole month? Time to celebrate! Let the WhatsApp group know about your achievements or write them down in your journal. No triumph is too small!

Set yourself some goals

It may be January, but we’re not talking New Year’s Resolutions here – this is all about finding joy, not making big changes. Think about the things that make you happy and resolve to do more of those things in 2023. Your goals can be as small as ‘read two chapters of a book every day’ to bigger aims, like ‘visit three more UK cities this year’. 

Talk to your favourites

From a quick text convo with your bestie to an hour-long chat with your mum, keeping in touch is a great way to boost those endorphins and bring positivity into your January. If you didn’t manage to catch up with all your pals over Christmas, arrange a coffee or lunch date. Get the latest updates from your oldest friends, check in with your grandma or ask a colleague how their festive break was.
Give your social feeds a makeover

Although social media is designed to bring us together and make us feel closer, if you’re following accounts that make you feel bad, it can often do just the opposite. That Instagrammer who’s constantly on holiday giving you green eyes? Delete her. Old school friend on Facebook sharing bad opinions on Brexit? Get rid. Curate your feeds so they’re filled with things that inspire and fulfil you.
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