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Delightful dogs on La Redoute rugs for International Dog Day

Not that we need a reason to share pics of super cute dogs enjoying stylish interiors, but it’s International Dog Day on 26th August – the perfect time to celebrate our furry friends in all their glory. Dogs have been such a tonic over the last 18 months – if you’re lucky enough to have one at home, you’ll know how important their companionship has been during these weird, pandemic times. If you don’t have a dog of your own, hopefully you’ve enjoyed plenty of social media content about them instead – there’s nothing quite like a cute dog doing something adorable for that engagement rate!

One thing we just can’t get enough of here at La Redoute is photos of your dogs on our rugs. From scrappy terriers to elegant hounds and sleepy bulldogs, we love ‘em all and you better believe we’re smashing that like button as soon as they pop up on our feed! If you tag @laredoute_uk in your dog-on-rug posts (or any shots of our products in your home!) they’ll be featured on our website – here are some of our faves, featuring our range of lush rugs and your super cute canines.

Double trouble on our round jute rug


These two have the look of mischief in their eyes – what a cheeky pair! We love this detailed round jute rug against the natural tile.  

Lounging in deep pile luxury


How beautiful is Holly? This thick, luxurious rug was made for an elegant lady like her – get the look with this simple berber style.


A good boy on a good rug


Just look at this situation! We’re quite jealous of this level of chill. Super cute Eric makes the most of our cosy wool rug – love it paired with those pops of colour.  

Monochrome matchy matchy


We do love an on-brand pooch – this sleek dog looks right at home in the monochrome décor. Another simple berber-style rug complements this minimalist space.

Two rugs are better than one


This cheeky chap has snuck onto the sofa with his favourite red ball… luckily, the ball perfectly coordinates with this stylish space! That geometric rug works perfectly under the rustic coffee table while the round jute rug adds texture and detail.

And finally, something fluffy


When a fluffy dog meets a fluffy rug, perfection is achieved! We’re obsessed with beautiful Boo the Old English Sheepdog, who loves our famous Afaw rug in the black colourway – this darker version is great for adding drama to a room, but it’s still super soft… just right for an afternoon snooze!

Treats for your four-legged friend

After all that posing for the ‘gram, we reckon your pooch deserves a spot of pampering. After all, it’s a hard life lying down on a luxury rug while mum or dad takes endless photos… right? Our Pet Accessories section has all sorts of lovely stuff for (wo)man’s best friend, like these simple food and water bowls. The minimalist design will work with your interiors and keep things looking chic and sleek.


We love this large pet cushion – it’s made from 100% recycled bottles and has a tightly-woven fabric to stop doggy paws causing damage. It’s also super comfy for sleepy pooches, and will look great in your living space!

This stylish dog food tin by So’Home will keep doggy kibble safe and dry without interrupting your kitchen style. And this cute food mat will protect your floor from food spillages at dinnertime!


Finally, we’re pretty sure there’s nothing cuter than a dog wrapped up in a big blanket – this printed style is made from a soft, durable fabric that can withstand wear and tear. It has special hydrotex technology that repels water, so it’s great for spreading over your sofa or car seats to keep them safe from muddy paws. And it’s fully machine washable, so you can keep it clean and fresh for your canine companion! So cute.

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