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Decorating your Christmas tree like a pro

If you love any excuse to go to town with your seasonal interiors, Christmas is likely to be your favourite time of year. You get a whole month (or longer if you dare!) to display beautiful festive décor with the most magical centrepiece – the tree. We all know it’s all about the tree!
If you’re approaching the festive season with upmost seriousness, you need to go pro when it comes to your tree. There’s so much to consider – artificial or real? In the window or by the fire? Traditional red and gold or cool pink and silver? Decisions!
Luckily we’ve gathered together some top tips to ensure your tree looks its absolute best from December 1st onwards. Take a look as you prep your Christmas interiors and gear up for the most stylish festive season yet.

Spend money on a good tree

Let’s start with the basics – choosing the right tree is essential and will shape your approach to Christmas décor for years to come. Lots of people love the tradition of a real tree, making an event out of going to choose one. But if we’re talking sustainability, longevity and simplicity… you really can’t beat an artificial tree!
A good quality faux Christmas tree will last many years, making it a much more planet-friendly choice than chopping down a real one. Plus, there are no pine needles to clear up – one of the worst tasks of the festive season.
We love this 6ft frosted tree for a cool, contemporary look – perfect for minimalist, modern décor. If you prefer a more traditional style, this rich green 7ft Scotland pine will look fantastic decked out in red and gold.


Spread out each branch

Whatever tree you go for, taking some time to ‘fluff’ it out is a really important step. Most trees, whether real or artificial, will come with their branches wrapped up for easy transportation.
When you remove the wrapping, some branches will naturally fall down but many will stay pushed up against the trunk, giving your tree less volume.
To fluff up your tree, you need to rearrange each branch individually and make sure the overall look is balanced. Make sure you’re wearing gardening gloves for this, as those needles can be spiky!
Gently pull down on the branches so they move back into their natural resting place, then run your fingers over the needles so they lie flat and in place.


Pick your theme

Our post on this year’s Christmas Décor Trends For 2022 explores the key themes in festive interiors for the year – picking a central trend will help you create a sense of cohesion through your home this Christmas, including the tree and even the wrapping!
Once you’ve decided which theme best suits your style, use it to match up everything from baubles to ribbon.
For example, if you go for the Timeless Christmas theme – which is simple, subtle and neutral – your tree might feature hessian ribbon, wooden baubles and a Scandi-style star on top.
You can also extend your theme through to the gifts you display under the tree – how about creating some hampers for loved ones that are filled with festive treats that fit your theme?


Choose complementary baubles

When it comes to baubles, the temptation to go all-out with a random selection of everything you love is strong. And we won’t be the ones to say you can’t display that novelty hot dog ornament next to a celestial angel… but should you? Maybe not.
Choosing baubles and ornaments that match your central theme and work alongside each other will give your tree that professionally styled look that makes it super Instagrammable.
You could go for a tonal style with baubles, tinsel and lights all within one colour palette, or choose shades that mix well together, like blue and silver or pink and white.

Get your arrangements right

It’s a well-known fact that a balanced tree is a beautiful one. Remember that scene in Friends where Monica invites everyone to decorate the tree and is left with a topsy-turvy mishmash of baubles all on one side that looks truly terrible… then she spins the tree round to reveal the perfectly balanced, evenly-placed baubles on her side? The importance of a balanced Christmas tree is a pop culture moment!
The best way to ensure a nice, even balance to your tree is to start at the bottom and work upwards. Begin with the lights, wrapping from the bottom to the top, followed by any tinsel or ribbon. Stand back from the tree to assess your work, adjusting to ensure an even spread.
When you’re ready to move onto baubles and ornaments, lay everything out on the floor and place them on the tree carefully, mixing up different sizes as you move up the tree. Stand back often to see how it looks from afar and space the most attention-grabbing pieces out across the length of the tree, so your eye is drawn upwards.


Consider your centrepiece

The top of the tree is prime real estate for your most treasured décor piece. Whether you go for a modern star, traditional angel or something totally left-field, save that top spot for the best of the best. 
Your tree topper should reflect the rest of your theme while making a bit more of a statement. These bauble boxes are perfect for bringing all the elements of your tree décor together, including the star on the top – we love this set in traditional colours.


Elevate your look with a tree skirt

The final step in creating a perfectly decorated Christmas tree is sorting out what happens around the base. Christmas tree stands are essential for keeping your tree upright and sturdy, but they often look ugly and bulky. A Christmas tree skirt is the stylish solution you need to hide the mechanics and create a sleek look from top to bottom.
This hammered metal tree skirt works well with rustic Christmas décor, while this white wicker style is simple and subtle for the timeless look.

Now you’ve got all the info you need to go forth and decorate that Christmas tree like a total pro. Don’t forget to read our blog post on this year’s key festive interior trends before you start!
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