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Creating a productive working from home routine (and how to stay sane in the process!)

Let’s be real. Ordinarily, a lot of us fantasise about working from home on a regular basis. No commute, pjs all day, maybe a cheeky bit of Lorraine on the telly while we check our emails? Yes please. 
Turns out, the reality might not be quite what we pictured. Recent events mean more of us are working remotely than ever before, and if you’ve reached day four of your new WFH situation and you’re still not dressed, we’re here for you. It’s weird how quickly that pile of dirty dishes can become more attractive than the list of actionable tasks your manager has sent over… And it can get lonely! You might even start to miss that co-worker you never even dreamed you could. Let’s make things easier by breaking it down:

1. Get dressed

We know, it goes against every notion in our brains too, but trust us: that stuff’s important. By all means, go wild on the loungewear. You can wear a tracksuit, yoga pants, gather your hair up in a messy bun and don’t even contemplate eyeliner. BUT it will help to maintain a “getting ready” routine to start off your day. Change out of what you wore to bed, eat some breakfast and brush your teeth, at a minimum. It’ll help you get in the zone. Sticking to official office hours will help keep you healthy too.

2. Create a welcoming space

It’s super tempting but staying under the duvet is not a wise move. Even your sofa has pitfalls… (extra episode of Love Is Blind before we log on, anyone?) Mark out your zone and, esclusing regular breaks every 75-90 minutes, stay there. If you have a spare room to turn into a home office, great, but for most it’s all about carving out a little space in the corner of a living room or on your landing and making it yours. Clean out the clutter and remove any trace of household tasks to help keep you on track. 
The Grimsby Retro-Style Corner Console Desk is a fab space saver, a compact way to create a serene spot with your laptop, with just enough room for a lamp too. Same goes for the Trigala Wall Mounted Bureau if prime floor space is limited. Both boast handy built-in storage and a sleek design to help fit right in. If you’ve got a little more room to spread out, the Quilda Oak Desk is a stunner with loads of storage space and a gorgeous mid-century vibe. 

3. Make up for lost social time

Even if you consider yourself an introvert, being alone all day can be challenging when you’re not used to it. If you house share, seek out a conversation during a break or arrange to meet for a post-work Netflix session or cook-off. As long as the people around you know when and where you’re off limits, they can be a great way to keep you motivated. If you’re alone during your workdays, take some time to FaceTime with friends and family or step up your after-work plans. Even taking time to play with a pet can be a good chance to refill your metaphorical cup. 

4. Implement new rituals

Despite the challenges, there are still plenty of ways to take advantage of the plus points of working at home. No commute time means you can start that daily at-home yoga session you’ve been thinking about or tick off that 10-minutes-a-morning meditation goal you set in your journal. Scrolling Instagram is not always a healthy way to kick back and take time to yourself, so make the most of the extra minutes and space to do something for you. It’ll help you focus on your work tasks, give you something to look forward to and create a healthy new habit.

5. Struggling? Speak out

It’s important to remember that change can be hard. If you find yourself struggling with the shift in routine, or without the company and feedback you receive when you’re in the office, don’t stay silent. Reach out to your boss or colleague and ask them what coping strategies they’ve used, or suggest a regular catch up call with your team if it’ll help keep you on course. 
Remember to prioritise yourself! Nipping out for a quick walk can boost your vitamin D levels and lift your mood, and some people also find that having greenery around keeps positivity levels up, so treat yourself to a little terrarium or quirky ornament – we love these Gayoma Metal Origami Boats to create a little zen. 
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