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Summer bedroom decorating ideas

Summer is the ideal time of year to give your home a quick freshen up. With the change in weather comes an overwhelming urge to throw those curtains and windows wide open, spruce up your space and welcome along the new season. And you can do all that without a paintbrush in sight!

When it comes to a summer bedroom design, you can do it all without the DIY. We’re talking crisp new bedding, a well-placed rug, shelves on the wall and maybe a plant or two. It’s amazing the difference some soft furnishings and a few colour pop prints make, and there are clever things you can do to keep your bedroom cool during summer too. 

So here are our top tips for a summer bedroom makeover, bringing sunshine into your space. 

Start with a good clean and declutter 

Before you start any home makeover, the first thing to do is declutter your space. There’s no point introducing summer bedroom décor if all your old junk is lurking in every corner! During the colder months we have a tendency to let things pile up but as the warmer weather comes through, it’s time to sort it all out and embrace a more minimal space. 

Start by removing out-of-season items from the room – store heavy blankets, winter coats, boots and thick duvets in vacuum packed bags that fit under your bed. Then clear the surfaces, tidy the floor space and do a deep clean, making sure to get under the bed and behind the furniture. There’s nothing more refreshing than a proper dust! When you’ve finished your clean and declutter, your space will feel light and airy – perfect for a summer bedroom makeover. 

Consider a refresh of colour

Bringing some summer sun into your bedroom doesn’t mean a full-scale redecorating job. You can add pops of bright, bold colour through soft furnishings and accessories. 

Start by thinking about the kind of summer-inspired theme you’d like in your bedroom. Summer bedroom colours include coastal blues and soft whites, bright sunshine yellows or fresh florals work really well in a bedroom space. 

For a crisp coastal theme, we love this soft linen bedding in grey/green, accessorised with this beautiful table lamp in deep sea shades. Rattan hanging baskets have that fisherman feel, while soft cream cushions add detail and texture. 

If you’re going for a bright sunshine look, seek the sun with a warm yellow colour palette. This yellow striped duvet set is summer personified, and this geometric jute rug is calming for a bedroom space. 


Florals will always be a winner for any bedroom makeover, but especially when you’re creating a light, fresh style. We love these floral curtains – they’re a heavier finish which is great for blocking out the light when you’re sleeping, but the floral print really lifts them so they don’t make the room feel gloomy. More on curtain choices below!

How to keep bedrooms cool in the summer  

As temperatures rise in summer, it can really make it hard to not only fall asleep but also affect the quality of sleep too. Its important that you consider your bedroom environment and find ways to cool it down to ensure your sleep isn’t affected too much. 

Switch up your bedding 

Bedding is one of the most important aspects of a summer bedroom design. Not only are you looking for a style that works, but your bedding needs to be light, airy and breathable to keep your bedroom cool during the summer months. 

Start by thinking about your mattress – are you ready for an upgrade? If so, consider a style that helps regulate body temperature and wick moisture away as you sleep. If you can’t stretch to a new mattress, a breathable mattress topper is a good alternative, with mesh sides to keep air circulating, keeping you comfortable in every season.  

Next up – summer bed sheets. We really recommend having separate sets of bedding for cold and warm weather, because styles that are cuddly and cosy in winter soon become hot and sticky in summer. For warmer weather, look for light linen bedding with your fitted sheets or 100% cotton like this duvet set.

You might also want to swap your heavy duvet for a lighter summer one, like this breathable duvet. A summer bed set-up will help keep your bedroom cool in the summer, meaning you get a good night’s sleep no matter what the temperature is. 


Light and breezy curtains 

Curtains can really make or break a bedroom – heavy, fussy, dark coloured curtains can create a hot, stuffy sleeping environment which is no good for your space. 

With summer curtains for your bedroom, look for sheer coverings in natural cotton or linen to let in maximum light and keep air circulating freely. We love these breezy linen curtains (which come in a variety of summery shades – don’t forget to buy two to get a full set! 

If you need total darkness to get a good night’s sleep, a clever blackout curtain is a great option, or try this sunny yellow pair which are linen-look with blackout backing to maintain that airy feel. 

To keep things even cooler, try drawing your curtains during the hottest parts of the day to keep the sun out. 


Bring the outdoors in 

Did you know – plants are so clever, they can actually regulate the temperature around them and keep houses cool during hot weather? 

Through the process of photosynthesis, plants can lower the temperature of the atmosphere. They release excess water through their leaves and that evaporated water cools not only the plants themselves but the air around them, too. All the most reason to fill your summer bedroom with beautiful greenery! You’ll need a few colour pop plant pots to put them in, of course – this blue stoneware pot will look great in a coastal themed bedroom, while a mustard yellow planter will add a touch of sunshine. 


Encourage airflow 

Opening the window at night isn’t always the right option. Consider the direction the sun is facing as it can encourage hot air to come in – the exact opposite of what you need! Don’t forget heat rises too, so if you have a loft bedroom, popping open the sky light will allow the hot air to escape. 

If opening a window isn’t an option, an electric fan is a great way of cooling down your bedroom at night. Consider how loud the fan is and whether it has timers, so it can switch off once you’ve dozed off. 

Don’t forget to also think about your choice of nightwear too. Natural fabrics such as cotton can help absorb perspiration, meaning its actually better to wear your pj’s rather than nothing at all.

For more inspiration on summer bedroom décor, take a look at our blog post on using summer pastels in your home. And if you’re looking to let in more light, this piece on maximising that light, airy feel throughout the home is really useful. 
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