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Activewear to brighten your day

The start of a new calendar year is a time when people around the world take a moment to step back and examine their goals. Forbes reports that when surveyed, 48% of respondents stated that fitness goals were their top priority for their New Year's Resolutions. With that in mind, many people are going to start poking around to find the activewear that will help them reach their fitness goals. At La Redoute, we're here to help you with this useful buying guide for the pieces of activewear that you will need to make your fitness goals a reality in 2024!

Activity-Specific Clothing

The first thing you can do to improve your activewear selections is to purchase articles of clothing that are specific to the physical activities that you intend to engage in.


Purchase activewear that will keep you warm and comfortable no matter what kind of fitness activity you are engaging in. Make sure that your clothing is flexible to meet your body's needs while it is in motion. For example, think about getting jogger pants to provide you with the stretch and flexibility that you require to jog regularly.



While shopping for your activewear, don't forget how important footwear is in this equation. You need some great shoes to help you reach your fitness goals. You can start with Sketchers trainers to help you get the longevity that you need out of a pair of shoes that you will use to help you reach your goals. Always make sure you get the right size and style to remain comfortable.

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Performance Fabrics

Activewear is a category of its own. When you purchase clothing to wear while you are working out, you should verify what kind of materials it is made out of. The best activewear is made of breathable materials that allow your body to get the fresh air that it needs while you are working out. These materials are also great for being known for being flexible and stylish.

Optimal Fit

The optimal fit for your activewear is snug yet comfortable. It should stretch to allow for maximum comfort. Not only that, but it should fit in a way that keeps you from becoming distracted while you are working out. Loose-fitting clothing can become easily tangled and distract you from the workout activity that you were doing. Get snug yet comfortable clothing to avoid these distractions.

Supportive Sports Bras

Women should look into getting supportive sports bras to remain comfortable while working out. This is an essential yet often overlooked element of one's workout attire. It will keep this part of your body supported and allow you to focus on completing your workout and reaching your fitness goals. This is one piece of clothing that you need to spend some extra time picking out. Make sure the sizing is right and that you choose the colours and materials that are right for you.


Temperature-Appropriate Clothing

Don't forget that many different types of workouts occur in different places and at different temperatures. You may move from an indoor environment to an outdoor environment and embrace the temperature change in your workout. According to the National Library of Medicine, helping your body work on temperature regulation can provide you with major health benefits. Therefore, you might want to incorporate both indoor and outdoor activities to help your body adapt to rapid changes in temperature.

While performing those varying workouts, make certain you have the temperature-appropriate clothing you need to make your workout as productive as possible. If you are going to be spending a significant period of your workout in the cold outdoor temperatures, you might want to snap up a North Face hoodie as a way to keep your temperature regulated.

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Long-Lasting Attire

While you still have the momentum of your New Year's Resolutions at your back, you should take some time to purchase workout clothing that will stand the test of time for you. Paying for higher-quality clothing will provide you with more value from that clothing in general. It will last longer for you and produce better results overall. You can opt for the less expensive pieces, but they will fall apart and may need to be replaced more rapidly than they otherwise would have.

Pieces That Match Your Style

Do you know that feeling of wearing a piece of clothing that matches your style? This can help you boost the confidence that you experience in your mind. Keeping high levels of confidence in your heart and mind can help you stay on track and remain highly motivated while you are performing your workout.

Make sure to select clothing that best matches your style and personality!


Don't forget to get some accessories for your workout. You might want to purchase certain accessories, such as fitness trackers, gym bags, and other accessories that can help make your fitness journey that much more successful for you. You may find that you are more motivated to reach your fitness goals because you have a tangible way to track your progress.

Ultimately, you are the only one who can motivate yourself to reach the fitness goals that you have for yourself. However, fitness gear can assist you in that process and make it even easier for you to stay on task and motivated to do what you need to do.

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