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9 Ways to Wear WFH Favourites in the Office

After months of working from home, dressing our top halves for zoom meetings while indulging in our favourite, cosiest sweatpants and fuzzy socks on the bottom; it’s time to think about going back to the office.
But making the move from dining table to desk bank doesn’t mean you have to completely forego comfort. Office wear trends in 2021 are embracing looks that focus on both comfort and style. Read on for our top tips for taking your ‘work from home’ favourites back to work.

1. Cosy Knits

Cosy has been a key word for most of us over the months of working from home during lockdown. Slippers, socks, super-soft PJs and general fleecy touches have all been go-tos for our WFH wardrobe (on the bottom half, at least!).
As we move back to the office, take a little bit of your home comforts with you by indulging in soft knitwear pieces. Button-up cardigans, openwork hoodies and fuzzy sweatshirts can all be given an office update by teaming them with pleated midi skirts, smart jeans or bold chic jewellery.

Floral midi skirt

2. Smart Trainers

White trainers are a wardrobe staple for most of us and they’re set to be super popular in the office wear department this year. Attitudes are changing post-Covid, so embrace your playful side with colourful, bold trainers in the new world of office fashion.
Corporate by name, corporate by nature, the Tommy Hilfiger leather flatform trainers are a working wardrobe essential. Though incredibly on trend, they are equally comfortable, giving you a modern alternative to an office boot or heel.
It is equally important to talk the talk and walk the walk. Keep them clean, keep them neat, and you’re good to go.

Wide Leg Trousers with High Waist.jpg

3. Combi Trousers

Let’s be honest, none of us want to relinquish our tracksuit bottoms when we go back to the office. But just because your bottom half will now be on display for the world to see (rather than hidden beneath your desktop on Zoom meetings!) doesn’t mean you have to ditch the comfies altogether. 
The fall of the pandemic sees the rise in the flexi wardrobe – meaning the shirts and slacks combo is a go to right now. 
Search for trousers with high percentages of elastane - these are likely to be stretchy and comfortable. Light materials such as cotton or linen are great during warmer weather and offer a smarter alternative to sweatpants.

Linen Wide Leg Trouser.jpg

Wide-leg options such as printed palazzo or harem pants give your office look a playful touch and these loose-fitting trousers are just as comfortable as your PJs. We promise.

4. Chic Accessories

Jewellery and other accessories can make all the difference when you’re trying to pass off your favourite casual outfit as office wear. Monochrome casuals will benefit from bold and chunky jewellery, while a more relaxed trouser/shirt combination can be made smarter with a chic metallic look. 
The key to office accessories is to keep it simple and elegant. For the days you wear brave colours, pair with fine jewellery and when you go for black or white shades pick a statement piece of costume jewellery. 

Woman wearing statement earrings

5. Soft Shirts

It’s inevitable that many of us are going to end up back in shirts. A fresh white shirt may be a wardrobe essential for women, but starched collars are a thing of the past. So, pick a broderie shirt with floral detail instead.

Cotton Broderie Anglaise Shirt with Long Sleeves.jpg
This year, it’s all about chic shirts in soft fabrics and rich colours. Browse through silks, cottons, linens and material mixes until you find the right blend that works for you. There’s no reason that your smart shirt can’t feel as cosy and comfortable as your dressing gown.

6. Stylish Sweats

You might have to give up your head-to-toe tracksuit when you think about what to wear for work in the real world, but working a little sportswear chic into your outfit isn’t as hard as you might think. 
Wearing a sports or bomber jacket over a dress or smart jeans and a monochrome tee adds a touch of sports luxe and a hint of ‘cool’ to your office wear.

Woman wearing sports bomber jacket
Say goodbye to the old blazer collecting dust in your wardrobe as a bomber jacket is a wardrobe overhaul essential this year. With a long black midi dress and heeled boots, a slim fitted metallic bomber jacket can tone down your look and elevate your style. 

7. Perfect Denims

For 2021, smart denim is set to become an office wear staple. For a work look, ditch the rips and shredded hems for a clean, neat finish and instead experiment with shape and colour. 
Black or dark denim skinny jeans are a classic option which can be dressed down with trainers or up with heels. But, more vintage shapes like flares, ‘mom’ jeans and culottes are also in this summer.

High Waist Skinny Jeans.jpg
Find the fit that suits your shape and create different looks by varying your top combinations. 
A staple pair of jeans can be reworked throughout the week by switching what you wear above and below it. A flexi wardrobe means that you may wear jeans and a shirt with trainers one day, and jeans and casual t-shirt with heels the next. 

8. Flat Boots

Forget heels - if you want to keep hold of that WFH comfort, this year it’s all about the flats. 
Classic flat ankle boots will soon become your favourite footwear choices as they are super versatile and can be used to add a touch of casual to a dress or smarten up jeans for that perfect office combo. 

Skinny Jeans.jpg
Heavier boot styles like Dr Martens, can look great teamed with a delicate dress to add a grunge twist while classic Chelsea styles work perfectly with a skinny jean.

9. Bold prints 

It might feel like we’ve all been hiding under rocks for the past few months, but the world is open again and things are looking up! Celebrate that by ditching your gloomy winter monochromes and embrace bright and bold prints for the summer season. 

Floral Print Shirt with Long Sleeves.jpg
From jackets to joggers, shirts to shoes - whether you prefer to go bold with your look or just add a hint of colour, there’s a pattern to suit everyone. Mix ‘n’ match colours, prints and textures to create a unique look. We are big believers in ‘throw on dresses’, that’s why we have a whole collection for them! 
By adding a handful of summer dresses into your wardrobe, you no longer have to waste time thinking about what to wear for work. Throw on your work dress, put on some lipstick and head out of the door with plenty of free time to grab a coffee.
So, there you have it. The world might be getting back to normal again, but just because you’re heading back to the office it doesn’t mean you have to give up completely on your WFH comfort.
For more inspiration, browse our key pieces for wardrobe staples and create a timeless work capsule wardrobe in seconds. 
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