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5 must-have apps you need this year

As it gets to March, all the new habits and motivation we told ourselves was here to stay for the year can sometimes start to wane. Keep that fresh and productive attitude going way into Spring with some of these apps! There really is an app for everything these days; to help us create new habits, learn new skills and help us make the most of our time.
We know the trend is to minimise your screen time, and we’re onboard, but we in 2020 we want to be smarter with it. Less mindless scrolling, more engagement with stuff we love. There are so many interesting and useful apps out there, and we’re mining them to find our next obsession.


There’s no doubt you’ve heard of this one before, and that’s because it has serious legs. The friends we have that use Headspace swear by it, and we’re always up for a bit more me time in our lives. With bitesize meditation sessions specially designed for busy lives and themed sessions around stress, sleep, focus and anxiety there’s something to fit everyone – all you need is something to listen on. 


A productivity app like no other, Notion is great for anyone who works in a team or has lots of plates spinning. Keep track of the things you need to do, design travel itineraries, upload documents and link with other apps like Google Docs and Dropbox and even keep a journal – your work and personal life will be transformed.

HabitMinder sets out “to help you reach your daily goals and form good habits”, and at this time of year we love being able to keep on top of our resolutions. It contains over 50 pre-defined habits to add and track, as well as letting us add our own, and all of them are fully customisable and analysable with the stats feature. 


Looking to learn a new skill? Finding the resources or booking an evening class can be tricky, and just piles up reasons not to bite the bullet. DuoLingo can help you learn over 35 different languages from the basics like Spanish and French to Swahili, Hawaiian and even Latin. Each session is bitesize and with a little practice each day you’ll be fluent in no time. 


If you live in or are planning a trip to a big city, you need CityMapper in your life. The quickest, smartest solution for getting from A to B, you tell it where you need to go and it’ll get you there – times, platforms, prices and alternatives included. Access maps and up-to-the-minute information on current services with a few clicks, all with a nice-lookin’ interface to navigate too. 
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