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19 front porch and patio ideas trending in summer 2022

We are officially in summer territory and this means the more time we can spend outside, the better! Having had a collective crash course on “staying at home” in the last few years, what may have previously been seen as forgotten old dusty backyards have now been recognised for what they are - magnificent mini makeover projects.

If you are looking for garden patio ideas on a budget, you’ve come to the right place. We are all about appreciating the space that is our own, regardless of size.

Whether you’re keen on a porch inspiration or a full patio glow-up, these ideas should spark your imagination nicely.

Let's start with the fundamentals 

Whilst we love exploring different deco and vibe ideas, there are some fundamental pieces that absolutely make your outdoor space. Your patio area will evolve over time, just like the plants and flowers in your planters, it’s not always a quick creation. That’s why it’s so important to get your foundations in place and then build with the finishing touches! When considering small patio garden ideas, these ideas are your first stop.

1. Add lots of various light sources 


In order to make your balcony, patio or porch usable from dawn to dusk, it’s a great idea to consider patio lighting ideas. The right lighting for your space can provide a truly ambient feel. Create a festival feel with multi-coloured garland lights, or add some ambience to stay, with a dual copper wall light! Top Tip: use a 2-in-1 uplighter and downlighter to highlight your favourite cute nook. String lights are particularly popular if you are considering patio pergola ideas this summer, as they can entwine themselves evenly around each strut. 

2. Optimise your space with clever dining choices 


Your dining furniture is an essential part of creating a base to enjoy your outdoor space. Create a unique outdoor dining space to rival all others, with a wooden garden furniture set. If you’re working with smaller scale space, bistro sets (two chairs and a small table) work perfectly to give enough space for you to relax with a drink, without taking up too much room. Some can be inclined to opt for the biggest table they can fit in the space, but think realistically about who you’d typically host day to day rather than having that big annual family BBQ in mind. 

3. Choosing cosy comforts 


We love a cosy intimate vibe, and if space is a consideration, you may be choosing between dining furniture and a garden sofa. Pro’s - super snuggly, great for indoor/outdoor feel (in some ways it gives you a second living room!) Cons - not ideal if you have guests that you don’t necessarily want to be that close to, and maybe more effort to clear away or cover up in adverse weather. If you prefer simplistic rattan or cord styles, outdoor cushions are our go-to for adding extra comfort.

4. Use plenty of plants 


If you want to create a striking look, the first thing to consider decor-wise is patio planter ideas. Having the perfect combination of short and tall, wide and narrow creates a really full look. Choose your planters strategically, as it can also be a really popular choice to utilise growing plants layered with lush artificial plants when you want to boost your greenery overnight! When it comes to small front porch decorating ideas for summer - if you are struggling for ground space why not try our wall-mounted planters to make the most of your space?

5. Don't shy away from accessories 


In my book, there are two types of fundamental accessories for your patio or porch. Type one: pretty aesthetics that really bring your look together such as antique wall art, lanterns or candles. Don’t forget to add a reed diffuser to your favourite scent every time you leave or enter. Type two: accessories that have a key function such as a parasol, shade or sail to protect you from the elements as well as signal that this area is for entertainment. 

First impressions go a long way

Top tip for a smaller space; consider adding an outdoor mirror. Of course, this behaves exactly as a mirror would inside, and gives the illusion of a larger space! It also adds a touch of sparkle in the sun which is a gorgeous addition to your outdoor space.

Moving onto our favourite trending looks

We know that every home and outdoor space is different. And depending on how we want to use the outdoor space will definitely have an impact on what appeals to you.

Check out some of our favourite looks below, and try to centre in on which elements you love in each image. Top tip: separating the elements you really love will help you to re-create the look with pieces you may already have!

6. Monochrome


Image credit: @fallonpowellhome 

This stunning monochrome garden look is ever so popular and a simple style to match items too. We love how they’ve teamed an outdoor rug with a selection of plants for a pop of greenery amidst the black and white tones. Simple and contemporary - works for me!

7. Simple yet Effective 


Image credit: @houseofspolland

This style makes the most of a stoned space, which may be the case for homeowners that rent or are tight on cash. You needn't fork out for decking or pavers, simply add a leafy rug to open up the area and recycled pallets and voila! You have a seating area. 

8. Contemporary

Image credit: @therea_gromski 

The lighting is what really makes this look appealing. Lanterns weaved between the greenery of the plants beautifully illuminate the small space. This look also has a really romantic vibe about it - it’s like something straight out of a rom-com! Perfect for a mid-week al fresco date. Why not create an intimate environment every day?

9. Woodland Decking


Image credit: @botanicalbohobabe

Yes, yes and yes. The dark furniture tones, terracotta pots and leafy greens are definitely drawing me in. There’s an age-old debate as to whether a traditional patio or decking area is better, and I have to say, this woodland decking is a contender. Add a large firepit chimney as a focal point, providing style, warmth and light. 

10. Country Spa


There’s no denying this look represents a touch of luxury. We absolutely love the low wooden furniture and there even lies secret storage beneath. A sail above would provide shade during the day but a warm glow far into the evening, perfect for days spent reading in the sun. The overall effect is softened by the light hues used within the wood and rug, in which you can add or remove accessories as you see fit. The modern-style lanterns fit right into the decor for this seamless, neutral look.


11. Shaded Beach Vibes


This look combines the ultimate beach vibes with a luxurious location, thanks to the eucalyptus sun lounger. The coffee table has been replaced with a wicker tray, perfect for your books or a couple of beverages, and the neutral tones look great against the two monochrome rugs. We love the way they’ve teamed dried pampas with the textured pit, matching the natural surroundings of the greenery.

12. Doing Jute Justice 

Image credit: @vikkis_vintage_life

One way to illuminate your garden space is by adding raw materials such as jute, oak and rattan, as the natural colours create the illusion of light. It also brings the outdoorsy feel to life and creates a space you just will not want to come in from. 

13. Light and Airy  

Image credit: @inside.no52

Wow! In this look, the day bed really speaks for itself, but there’s no shortage of elegance. The choice of the La Redoute Akar rug matches really well with the grey colour schemes, and the living wall across the fence provides a textured yet secluded backdrop. A great example of how a carefully designed paved area with a parasol, can add a touch of privacy and complement this modern look!


14. Seating Solutions


Image credit: @themoderngardenista

What a clever way to dress a decking. The Jute rug provides the perfect hue against the grey dining furniture. Accented with plants and overflowing planters, you’re not at a loss for colour either. If you feel like you don't have the room for a dining set, then add a rug instead. 

15. Chateau Style

Image credit: @lucie.home.deco

Now with these views, who wouldn’t want to set up camp for the day! A great example of less being more. Nothing else is needed but two Oparon low deck chairs above a Jasper herringbone throw, and the scene does the rest of the speaking for you. Simple!

And for the how?

Here are four things you can do today to start your outdoor project! Hopefully, you’ve taken note of some of the looks that would suit your space. See if any of the below tips can get you started, and then layer with outdoor accessories when you’ve pulled together the initial look.

16. Get thrifty

When it comes to getting the fundamentals in place, your outdoor furniture tends to be one of the biggest outlays. But don’t forget, someone’s trash could be someone else’s treasure! If you’re not quite in the position to invest in a new garden furniture set, you can find some absolute gems prime for upcycling, in charity or thrift shops.

Other popular destinations are Gumtree or Preloved.

17. Do it yourself

Better Homes & Gardens recommend creating DIY furniture! It is becoming more and more popular to put together a simple seating solution using things you can find such as pallets, concrete breeze blocks and anything else that will help you create a safe and sturdy base. Pop on some cushions and you’re away!

18. Dress to impress

Add a pop of colour with some masonry paint. We don’t always think we have the same level of creativity outside as we do inside, but this isn’t true. Whilst it’s really popular to use white paint to brighten up outer walls, having a contrasting colour to really add something different is a great look. Want to “dress” your walls? Using outdoor shelving and planters is a great way to frame that look.

19. Bring the inside, out - literally!

Re-use artificial plants both inside & outside. If you’re only using your outdoor space at weekends, you may feel it’s a tad excessive to get a whole host of new accessories specifically for this space. High-quality artificial plants are all the rage these days, and investing in a couple of pieces means you can furnish your indoor living room in the colder months, and transfer them to your outdoor space when the sun hits.

Dual purpose - win/win!

The thing to remember when creating an outdoor haven to enjoy is that it doesn’t all need to come together overnight. I get it, it can be tempting to throw something together when you see pictures of your friends’ “oh so perfect” patio, but creating a look and space that works for you is the most important thing. 

Planning ahead and being really intentional about how you want to use the space can be of huge benefit. Are you creating an entertaining space or a quiet reading spot just for you?

Do you want to create some sort of shelter to maximise the usage in all weathers? Who do you envisage sharing the space with? What little touches could you add to make you smile?


The things you do when the weather isn’t at its best in preparation are just as important! Here are some preparation tasks you can think about to be ready to enjoy the warmth:


  • Planting seeds so they are ready to blossom when the weather heats up; mini herb and veg gardens look so chic on your balcony space
  • Jet washing the patio to it’s free of the dust and grime from the winter - a blank canvas now ready to dress
  • De-rusting and polishing up some of your old planters are ready to shine. Aluminium and nickel pots are a strong look but may need taking care of if they’ve been out all year round
  • General weeding and freshening up of planters, pots, raised beds and window boxes!
  • If you have a reasonable space, think about segmenting your space to create different zones e.g. dining and reading
  • Any existing furnishings you have can be wiped down, washed or spruced up
There’s plenty to do, so we hope you’re raring to go in transforming your outdoor space this summer.
If you’re done and dusted already, why not consider sprucing up your bedroom for summer? Check out some of our summer bedroom decorating ideas in this previous blog post.
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