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Best known for its jeans, Italian label Diesel, founded in the Veneto region by Renzo Rosso in 1978, has expanded its ready-to-wear range to include sportswear and accessories. All are highly prized by lovers of a style that knows how to be trendy while respecting the canons of classicism. A pair of Diesel jeans is first and foremost the assurance of wearing a quality garment, guaranteed by decades of international experience and the know-how of a denim great. Every season, Diesel presents daring collections of men's and women's basics, such as jackets and pants, subtly reinterpreted in line with the latest trends. When it comes to accessories, too, Diesel is a sure bet. Belts, bags, hats and scarves: in all its creations, the brand seduces as much as it astonishes with its secret blend of sobriety and sparkle! With a Diesel watch on your wrist, you're sure not to go unnoticed...
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