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Buying garden furniture

Summer isn't summer without a garden you feel comfortable in. It's just impossible to relax after work if the feng shui isn't quite right, don't you think?

Allow us to help you create the perfect space for downtime in the sun with this guide to buying garden furniture. Trust us, you'll thank us for it in the height of summer.

What to consider

Kitting out your garden is not the kind of thing you can rush intov - it's an investment that should last you at least a few years, so it's worth taking your time over the decision. Here are our top things to consider before you begin:

Choose the right material
You might have a job that's too hectic to give you time to treat wooden furniture often enough, or a garden that just won't suit metal furniture. Consider what will suit your lifestyle and taste before you start browsing.

Choose a theme
Just like living rooms, the best-looking gardens are the ones that are consistent in their style and appearance. Set a central theme around which to build your garden and keep it front-of-mind.

Caring for your garden furniture
Consider how you are going to be able to care for your new furniture. No matter the material, it all needs a bit of TLC now and again.

Garden space
How much storage will you need in your garden? Do you have many garden tools? Do you plan to do a lot of planting and growing? Think about how much space you'll have to play with before you do anything.

These are all important considerations when you're investing in garden furniture. Let's get into a bit more detail to help you make the right decisions for your garden.

Choosing the material of your furniture

Different materials have different lifespans, but they can all last if they are appropriately treated and cared for throughout the year.

Our garden furniture comes in a range of materials, so it's good to know what you get out of them before you buy.

Material Weight Cleaning Details Advice
Acacia wood Heavy **** Resistant to UV rays and moisture Easily cleaned with a hose, a soft brush and soapy solution
Eucalyptus Heavy **** Treated with preservatives, it is oily and protected against rotting Treat with a soft brush and soapy solution up to twice a year
Rattan Light *** Interwoven nature makes it light and easy to move Use a hoover to clean dust out of the gaps in the furniture
Metal Medium ***** Very easy to keep clean Clean, cover and store away in the winter months to maintain colour
Cement Heavy **** Treated to protect against moisture Don't leave stains on the surface; clean quickly to maintain colour
Resin Light ***** Very easy to keep clean Use a pressure washer to clean regularly

Setting a theme for your garden

Before you start browsing for furniture, it's good to know what kind of style will suit you, your family and your garden. It'll help you narrow down your choices quicker and get your garden in shape sooner.

Country City Chic
If life in the countryside is your thing, rattan might well be the way forward for your garden. There's just something about this natural rattan furniture that fits so naturally into a countryside garden. Whether you have a city garden or not, this powder pink metal table will give you the kind of city design that will save space and scream style at the same time. Unleash your inner chic by going for a slightly offbeat theme, starting with this foldable wooden-top table. Be adventurous and go a bit French.

Modern Minimalist
To give your garden a modern twist, add a splash of colour to your furniture. This stylish folding acacia table brings a soothing pastel blue to the party - it'll transform your garden into a modern summer haven. If your garden needs a softer touch, keep it simple with a minimalistic theme. This wooden and metal folding table doesn't dominate the space and has the added benefit of being easily collapsible and storable.

Protecting your garden furniture

No matter what material you choose for your garden furniture, you'll need to maintain it to some degree to keep its colour and quality over time. Granted, some materials require more treatment than others, so here's an idea of how often you'll need to treat the materials we offer (depending on use):

Material Treatment frequency
Acacia wood 1-2 times per year
Eucalyptus 1-2 times per year
Rattan 1-2 times per year
Metal Once a year (if aluminium, no treatment is required because it's rust-proof)
Cement Once a year
Resin 1-2 times per year

The above is only advice for treatment frequency. We recommend cleaning our products more often than treating them to prolong their lifespan.

Storage in your garden

One of things that many of us neglect to think about when we're investing in garden furniture is where to store it when it's not summer.

Be sure to take note of the dimensions of the furniture before you buy it so you know you've got enough space in your shed or garage to store it.

Alternatively, if you can simply leave it where it is when you're not using it, protect it from the elements with a suitable garden furniture cover from our range and you'll make it last a long time.

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