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5 ways to give your garden a summertime makeover

Summer... It's our favourite time of year and we'd hazard a guess that it's yours, too...

It means we get to spend our time relaxing outside in the evening and eating our breakfast outside in the morning. It also means that we get to put a bit more care and attention into our gardens in preparation.

We've put together our top tips for decorating and accessorising your garden this year (you know, just to make you want to spend that little bit more time out there (sorry not sorry)).

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1 Beach-ify it

One sure-fire way to make it feel like summer is to make your garden feel like a beach.

Oiled Acacia Striped Deckchair
We don't sell sand (sorry for real this time), but we do sell striped deckchairs that'll transport you to the seaside without having to leave your home.

2 Go Green

You don't need to be a gardener to make your garden look great. A few new plants here and there and you're a green goddess, without the green fingers.

Iria Plant Pot Holder
La Redoute Interieurs
Herri Concrete Planters
Start by hanging a few from the wall with these woven paper ceramic pot holders by AM.PM. Keep things grounded with these concrete plant holders. When summer is over, they'll look just as good inside the house as they will in the garden.

3 Go greener

If you're planning to do a bit more gardening than the average plant pot will allow, take it up a level and experiment with this wooden planter.

La Redoute Interieurs
Planter with Removable Tray and Shelf
You can modify it to your needs by removing the shelf and tray. It'll allow you to make your plants a bit more noticeable by giving them more room to bloom.

4 Make it an inside job

Just because your garden is outside, it doesn't mean that it can't take influence from the inside.

Decorating your garden with cushions that would typically be housed in your home will add an extra layer of comfort to your outdoor living area.

La Redoute Interieurs
DECIO Geometric Motif Cushion Cover
Explore our range of cushion covers for inspiration here.

5 Prep for a picnic

You know it's summer when it's time for a picnic. Kit out your outdoor kitchen with this garden party linen set by our French designers. C'est magnifique!

La Redoute Interieurs
Garden Party Table Linen Range
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