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La Redoute presents... The Language of love

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The language of love

  Our British reserve and busy lives often mean things go unspoken and words of love and appreciation sadly remain unsaid.

‘The Language of Love’ is a campaign to encourage people to share these unspoken words.

Watch the video and you'll see these words being shared like never before! Meet Mr La Redoute, and let him inspire you in the language of love. But you'll soon see that it's not about our handsome Frenchman, it's the words themselves that count, because they're straight from the hearts of these amazing people who wanted to share something special with their loved ones.

French style is not just about clothes and fashion... it's that certain je ne sais quoi... that laissez-faire approach... that va va voom...

Wouldn't our days be brighter if we could all try on a little ‘French Style’ each day.

To discover The Language of Love, watch the video.

meet the contributors

Florent Thevenot

Mr La Redoute (Florent Thevenot)

The prestigious title of ‘Mr La Redoute’ firmly belongs to French model, Florent Thevenot.

From his tall dark and handsome exterior to his passion for helping us Brits to express our love in a way only a French charmer could, Florent embodies all of the qualities of a true French gentleman.

As a high fashion, runway and commercial model for over a decade, Florent is a veteran in the industry and is now making ripples in the world of acting having featured in three film releases to date!

Mr La Redoute makes French style easy and Florent definitely lives up to that virtue.

His Language of Love is Romance, Emotion and Charm

Luca and Claire

Luca & Claire

Newlyweds Luca from Italy and Claire from London are expecting baby girl Mia anytime soon. This couple's love for each other is cemented by their mutual passion for dance music; it was this shared interest that brought them together three years ago, meeting at the Ministry of Sound Nightclub in London!

Claire loves statement shoes and Luca has a keen eye for helping pick out great outfits, the pair love shopping for clothes together and look for items that flatter. Old romantics, these two love everything about one another; Luca even writes love letters for Claire, not to mention that the two fell in love in the beautiful city of Rome.

Their Language of Love is Love Letters, Romantic Cards and Music

Shavana and Dee

Dee & Shavana

Mother and daughter, Dee and Shavana, are best friends from London who love treating themselves to sauna and steam room sessions together; it's their time to chat, unwind and relax as a pair.

These two have been through troubled times side-by-side, but they have always stuck together and used their special bond and love for each other to help each other through any situation. Dee's psychic abilities allow her to know what Shavana is up to at all times which comes in handy when offering her much respected advice as matriarch of this close knit family.

'Bubbly Dee', as nicknamed by her family, has her own distinct retro 60's style and daughter Shavana loves borrowing her mums killer heels and extravagant maxi dresses.

Their Language of Love is offering support, openly talking and family love

Pauline and Mary

Pauline & Mary

Godmother Mary sells clothes from France and according to goddaughter Pauline has an excellent eye for fashion. The pair, originally from Kenya, love reminiscing about their shared Kenyan past and love adventure and experiencing new places together. Their wish is to visit Kenya together in the near future.

Mary and Pauline became even closer and formed a truly special bond when Pauline gave birth to her daughter and Mary offered unwavering support with her new baby whilst Pauline completed her degree, despite the pair actually being in the same graduating year!

Their newfound bond from one mother to another allows them to talk about anything in complete confidence as best friends and, despite the almost twenty year age gap, Mary insists she is just as young as Pauline at heart.

Their Language of Love is Culture, Support and Laughter

Saiward and Lewis

Saiward & Lewis

Saiward and Lewis, who is just 16, form a very close mother and son duo with a shared dream of owning their own farm to exercise their love of animals and open space.

These two most appreciate each other's sense of humour and their special bond, paired with this love of laughter has helped the two overcome some difficult times together. They've continued to support each other through good and bad, with their bond growing even stronger through hard times.

Although Saiward buys Lewis' clothes, he adds his own style and personality to them while his mum opts for classic dresses that Lewis thinks are particularly flattering.

Their Language of Love is Freedom, Support and Solidarity

Tanya and Kim

Kim & Tanya

Tanya does everything with her mum Kim; they shop together, eat together, even live together. The bond between these two is extremely strong, from helping each other through tough family times to simply swapping clothes and helping each other with outfit choices, this pair are not easily separated.

Their shared passion is for all things Take That, especially Gary Barlow, the two even sit with two laptops, a computer and phones at the ready for a new tour date!

Kim almost never clears out her wardrobe, much to the irritation of daughter Tanya, while Kim often doesn't approve of the sheer height of Tanya's high heels. Nonetheless these small niggles don't get in the way of this amazing pairs strong love for one and other.

Their Language of Love is listening and putting loved ones first

Barbara and Michael

Barbara & Michael

Married couple Barbara and Michael met in a stage production of My Fair Lady and their love has blossomed ever since. The two share a passion for art, music, culture and having spent over forty years working as actors, they now spend much of their time visiting art galleries and holidaying in Italy.

A former professional dancer, Barbara keeps their love alive by opening a bottle of champagne for no particular occasion and sharing her love for classical music with Michael on a daily basis.

These two now find that they often accidentally match their clothing and describe their style as ‘50 shades of beige’. What Barbara loves most about Michael; that he does her accounts!

Their Language of Love is Travel, Music and Art

Marie and Reina

Reina & Marie

Ex hoteliers Reina and Marie from Cornwall, are a very close mother and daughter. They make each other laugh with priceless one liners and are so close they even live together. They share their love through laughing together and taking on new experiences as a twosome.

Like every mother and daughter, Reina and Marie love to shop together. But after helping each other through some really tough times in the past, this mother daughter retail therapy time, hitting the shops of Bristol, is an even more special ritual.

Their Language of Love is Laughter, Adventure and Feeling Secure

meet Mr La Redoute

Introducing Florent Thevenot sharing his views on love, his ideal first date and why the French seem to do it best!

the facts of love

We compiled a short survey around love and put together an infographic to show how men & women really feel about love.

view the infographic
The Language of Love - The facts of love

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